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Join Felix on his Minecraft adventure to build the Niceland Apartments after his game is unplugged.

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It was my very first day in ‘Minecraft.’ Steve and I had spawned together, right in the middle of a large Taiga biome. Boy, it was cold. My hands were numb, which made gathering materials even harder than they already were. Luckily Steve was there to lend a hand.

He told me a lot of things about the materials and what I could do with them. Told me all the “‘Minecraft’ Do’s and Don’ts,” and I listened intently. Half of the day had gone by already, and Steve had helped me start on a small shelter for the night…

“Well, Felix, it’s going to get dark soon here. Think you could finish this up? I need to get started on a shelter of my own.” Steve said as he placed a few dirt blocks as the beginnings of a wall.

“I sure can! Thanks for all your help, sir. I would feel like a terrible neighbor if I didn’t offer my help in return.” He and I shook hands briefly before he waved one of his blocky arms in dismissal.

“Nah, I’ll be fine on my own. I’m programmed for survival. Besides, you need to get busy with other things over here.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that. I’ll see you around Steve. Take care!” I patted his shoulder and he smiled as be began to walk back off into the woods.

“You too! Don’t forget to craft a sword, two pieces of cobble and a stick! And you might want to see if you could mine up some coal to make some torches. It gets really grisly out here when the sun goes down.”

I nodded and waved a final goodbye before Steve disappeared among the trees. I knew I would not like the night here, based on Steve’s brief descriptions of what makes their appearances in the dark. I shrugged the feeling of dread off as best I could, and set back to work.


I had been in that small cave for longer than I thought. When I stepped out of its face, coal in hand, I was met with a very gorgeous, yet foreboding sunset.

I silently scolded myself and swiftly made my way back to my shelter for the night. After Steve had left, I finished the walls, and the ceiling and added a wooden door. It wasn’t much, only about 3x6 blocks, but it would do for the night.

The sun was sinking lower and lower, and was almost completely out of sight once I had finished crafting a stone sword and few dozen torches. I looked outside the window on my door. There was only a sliver of light left from the sun. Steve had told me that the light from torches would help ward away some of the monsters. I took a deep breath in and opened the door, stepping outside to place a few torches on the outer walls of my shelter.

“It’s alright Felix, there’s a bit of light left from the sun. You put some torches out here and every thing is going to be okay.” I said to myself.

I was lying.

As I placed my first torch on the front, next to the door, I heard a very distinct and low moan, followed by a strangled, gurgling noise. I swallowed hard, and slowly turned to look over my shoulder. A zombie stepped into the light created by the torch, and continued to make it’s way towards me.


I panicked, and flattened my backside up against the wall. What’s worse is I tried to reason with it.

“Uhm, hello. Uh…Sir? I’m just visiting here, you see and I-I would appreciate it if you just leave m-me alone.”

It didn’t listen. It crept closer and closer, and I was frozen stiff from fear. It hit me, and I pushed it backwards with a shout. As it recovered, I darted inside the shelter and closed the door. I sat myself in the far, left corner away from the door and relief washed over me when there was silence. Maybe it gave up and went it’s own way.


I jumped up, hitting my head on the low ceiling. My heart was pounding.


The door was cracking, and the zombie growled furiously from beyond it.


“Leave me alone! Please!” I wedged myself in the same corner, trying to get as far as I could from the door. It didn’t stop.


And then it clicked. These monsters are like cy-bugs.


There’s just no reasoning…beg all you want, they don’t care or understand. They only know to kill.

‘Kill, or be killed,’ I remembered Tamora saying that countless of times when talking about her job. At this rate, that zombie was going to break down that door, and I’d be cornered in my own safe house.


Shaking, I reached to the crafting table. The stone sword I made earlier was resting on top of it, my fingers slowly wrapped themselves around the hilt.


The door finally gave way, and I shielded my face briefly from flying splinters of wood. The zombie peered in, and growled menacingly as it pursued me again.

I held the sword in front of me, the point inches from the zombies face.

“Keep away from me!” I swung at it, and it fell back, it’s body flashing red. It still pursued and I swung at it again, and again until it finally fell with a horrid choking sound. As soon as it hit the floor, its body disappeared into dust, leaving behind a piece of rotten flesh and some experience orbs.

I was breathing hard and fast, my breath hitching when I attempted to swallow. My mouth was dry. After a few moments, I attempted to collect myself and heaved a sigh, sitting back on the ground, my sword lightly tossed to the side. I pulled off my hat and ran a gloved hand through my hair, still trying to regulate my breathing and to stop my heart from pounding.

I could hear other things moving around in the woods outside, but they were distant. After a few minutes of just sitting on the ground, thinking over what I had just done, I forced myself up to make another door. My hands were still shaking furiously, and it was difficult to get anything done with them. But after some fumbling, and slight cursing to myself, I finally made another door and placed it in the dirt frame.

I peered out the window. Beyond the trees in the distance were other zombies, among other things, walking aimlessly about.  I sighed and sat back on my spot.

“Oh, what did I get myself into?” I mournfully buried my face in my hands.

I wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night.

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