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Join Felix on his Minecraft adventure to build the Niceland Apartments after his game is unplugged.

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We’re doing a sequel


We’re doing a sequel


Wreck-It Ralph sequel ‘officially on the cards,’ says composer

The sequel to Disney’s animated video game feature film Wreck-It Ralph is reportedly being written, the original film’s composer Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips, X-Men: First Class, This Is the End) revealed in an interview with Collider.

"I did, to be honest with you," Jackman responded when asked if he heard anything about a Wreck-It Ralph sequel. “I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written. I’d be very surprised not to. Just as a concept, it would be almost remiss of them not to write another one. It’s a great idea and it’s a great character.”

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 (( What?? A thing??? This is a short fic based on an actual event that took place shortly after a good friend and I broke into the Stronghold on the Craft-It Minecraft server. He helped me write this too! Hope you enjoy! ))

"We should hit it any minute now. How are you holding up?"

"Fine," Felix answered, sticking a torch into the wall next to him to better light the tunnel. They had been digging for a while now, and the task of finally reaching the stronghold was imminent. The handyman watched as Steve steadily dug in front of him. The rhythmic breaking of blocks was meditative and Felix’s mind drifted in thought of what was to come.

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It’s definitely chaotic, but it’s gotten me some of the best friends I could ever have. ;v;


I love this fandom so muchhhhhhh

So many good friends were made here

I’ve made so many friends in this fandom. I love you guys!


Happy Pi Day

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Avoid the blog turbo-tastic at all costs. 

This blogger has been harassing people in the Wreck-It Ralph fandom (particularly Vanellope fans) and their blog contains very triggering content. Do not visit this blog. Don’t follow them. Do not have any sort of interaction with them. 

If you receive a message from this blogger delete it immediately. Do not read it. Just delete it and block them. If you’re up to it, report them as well. 

Signal boost this, please. 


I colored it :) and changed few things!

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i made the PERFECT world